At Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro, safety is our number one priority. We live it and breathe it… and we want you to as well. That's why we've created On this site you will find lots of safety tips and activities for kids, including a quiz to earn a Safety Superstar Certificate!

To get started, here are some easy tips you can pass along to the children in your life:

  • Speak up about damaged plugs and cords that are broken or have wires showing.
  • Do not pull on electrical cords to unplug them.
  • Do not pry toast out of a toaster with a knife or fork.
  • Never put anything but an electrical plug into an electrical outlet.
  • If you are standing in water, never touch electrical devices such as light switches, hair dryers, curling irons, mixers or toasters.
  • Do not climb utility poles or trees near power lines.
  • Keep kites away from power lines, and never fly metallic balloons outside.
  • If you see a fallen power line, STAY AWAY!
  • If you see anything marked "Danger," "High Voltage," or "Keep Out," STAY AWAY!

Engage your kids in safety

Hydro has published a children's book on electrical safety, and we encourage families to read it together and learn about the importance of being safe around electricity. You can download a copy of the book in English or French, along with tips and colouring sheets, at